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About QPQ Fruits

QPQ Fruits is dedicated to export fruits and vegetables from all over the world to the most demanding international markets, especially to the countries of Central Europe.

We are a young and dynamic company with the best professionals.
We work with the highest accuracy and professionalism to find the best merchandise for our customers. We offer them a direct contact to work with complete confidence.

To work directly with our suppliers makes us have a first-hand view of the benefits to meet the requirements to our customers. Furthermore, our knowledge of the markets and their needs enable us to advise and provide the most suitable product to our customers.

Company Philosophy

The cooperation, reciprocity and the agreement with our clients are essential in our business.
To work hand in hand, and “something for something else” makes the satisfaction be mutual.


Our objective is offer our customers all the merchandise they need in every season.

Perfect Nature works to provide fruits and vegetables with the highest QUALITY

Perfect Nature

Perfect Nature

To know about our brand Perfect Nature, stand for quality and freshness.

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Frutas y Verduras

To know about our seasonal fruits and vegetables.