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Lemons are one of our specialities within the huge varieties of fruits and vegetables we work with. The origin of our lemons is Murcia and Valencia. Our brand is synonymous of quality and distinction.

Varieties: Primafiori and Verdana.


Our company exports several thousands of tons of oranges every year. Our extensive experience in the citrus exportation allow us to have full capacity to export with highest quality of freshness and durability in our products.

In the origin, we select the best products to attend and satisfy the customer’s needs: sizes, color, varieties,..


The best medlars are produced in Callosa d’En Sarrià (Alicante). Hence we choose them in this area for our brand.


Persimmon is a trend product in European markets by its sweetness and the high content in vitamin C.

Valencia is becoming one of the areas that concentrates the greatest production of persimmon in the Mediterranean zone.

For our brand we work with the best quality, offering our customers an excellent product with a very care packaging.


The mandarins are one of our leading products. These citrus are one of the most consumed products around de world, therefore the importance of offering the sweetest and the easiest to peel mandarins. Our mandarins are from Valencia, where we can find the best producers of Europe.

The mandarins are prepared with attention and care so that they can arrive anywhere in the world.

Stone Fruits

In June we start with the season of stone fruits. Peaches, flat peaches, nectarines, flat nectarines, plums, cherries,..


All kind of vegetables from Spain, the Europe “larder”

Mainly tomatoes, lettuces, cucumbers, eggplants, …

We look out for the best product, to offer our clients the best quality.


Sweet table grape. Black and white. With or without seeds.

The best quality in this Mediterranean product.

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